Ceres offers an affordable, safe and effective solution to the organic waste management issues facing many communities around the world today.

We harvest essential nutrients from organic waste streams and create a product that is safe, effective, sustainable and affordable for the agriculture sector.

By harvesting essential nutrients from organic waste streams, we not only help cities and towns deal with the ever increasing volumes of organic waste, but we also deliver a solution that creates a value added product(s) thereby offering a lower cost option to many of the other alternatives to organic waste management.

We do not see the sense in destroying the nutrients that reside in organic waste streams when the cost and availability of commercially produced fertilizer is prohibitive for many farmers and our process does not expose farmers to high levels of pathogens from the use of untreated organic waste on their fields.

The Ceres product is more than just a simple fertilizer. It is actually a full soil amendment containing not only the three nutrients essential for plant growth, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, but also organic matter, pH adjustment, and sulfur to name a few. In many countries, we actually create a new organic waste market for this waste stream.

There are other alternatives to organic waste management, but none meet the Ceres sustainability and affordability standard.