Under Development

Ecuador and Latin America

Ceres is currently in discussions with a local partner in Ecuador to build, own, and operate facilities in that country. Ceres is also interested in discussing partnerships in other countries in Latin America, particularly those in which agriculture is a prominent component of the local economy.


Ceres is currently seeking a local partner in the Philippines to build, own, and operate facilities in that country.

Agriculture in the Philippines faces the challenge of increasing production to provide food for the growing population. Increasing population puts pressure on the cultivation of marginal land areas and results in land degradation and a decline in soil production potential. To maintain soil fertility and productivity and to prevent land degradation and erosion, nutrients used by crops must be replenished through the application of fertilizers which are a major cost item in Philippine agriculture.

Fertilizers increase crop yields and enable the country to attain sufficiency in food and agro-industrial crops and they have also made crop production possible in unproductive soils. Fertilizer is believed to contribute 30% to 50% of the increase in yield in crops. However, high fertilizer prices have become a cause for concern since they squeeze farm incomes.